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Security at the heart of the Qarnot platform

Flexible and innovative solution that integrates perfectly with an existing infrastructure

IT security:

• Access to a PaaS dedicated to HPC that avoids any human risk of data leakage
• End-to-end encrypted data that is not persisted on compute nodes
• Computing nodes not exposed to the Internet
• Bare-metal infrastructures (only one client per machine)
• Machines reboot between each client
• Security Insurance Plan on demand

Audits and certifications

• ISO 27001 certification
• HDS certification
• Security audit conducted annually by an external organization
• Five independent security audits successfully completed on behalf of some of our clients, including major banks
• Compliance with the main recommendations of the MPA (Motion Picture Association)

Physical security

• Fireproof infrastructure
• No batteries, inverters, generators, hard drives (materials that cause most fires)
• Secure physical sites, regularly audited by our clients