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Security at the heart of the Qarnot platform

Flexible and innovative solution that integrates perfectly with an existing infrastructure

IT security:

• Access to a PaaS dedicated to HPC that avoids any human risk of data leakage
• End-to-end encrypted data that is not persisted on compute nodes
• Computing nodes not exposed to the Internet
• Bare-metal infrastructures (only one client per machine)
• Machines reboot between each client
• Security Insurance Plan on demand

Audits and certifications

• ISO 27001 certification*
• HDS certification*
• Security audit conducted annually by an external organization
• Five independent security audits successfully completed on behalf of some of our clients, including major banks
• Compliance with the main recommendations of the MPA (Motion Picture Association)

*The scope of Qarnot Computing's Information Security Management System (ISMS) covers the activities related to the management and operations of the computing distribution platform, called Q·ware, all under the Declaration of Applicability version 3.0 of 08/03/2022

Physical security

• Fireproof infrastructure
• No batteries, inverters, generators, hard drives (materials that cause most fires)
• Secure physical sites, regularly audited by our clients