Qalway, the ecological heat by Qarnot

Qarnot is a company facing two major global issues: digital pollution and energy transition.

Two universes compose our activity, that's why we create Qalway:

  • Qalway sells ecological heat & installs ecological heating solutions (e.g. digital boiler)
  • While Qarnot sells computing power & IT infrastructure

Take advantage of recovered heat!

Qalway recovers waste heat from computer servers to heat new and old buildings and efficiently supply them with domestic hot water (DHW). For this purpose, Qarnot has developed the digital heater (and its different versions: Qrad, QC•1 and QH•1), then the digital boiler whose heat sources are computer servers.
Qarnot has thus created a digital circular economy system: the waste of some -heat in computers- becomes the precious resource of others -heat in buildings.

Innovative solutions, but for whom?

Social landlords, property developers, local authorities, swimming pools, heating networks, industries, or residential, collective and tertiary buildings, Qalway solutions can be easily deployed on all types of projects.

Recognized by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition as renewable and recovery energies (EnR&R), Qalway's digital heater and boiler have been awarded \"Titres V Système\", which respectively recognize a reduction of 70% and 100% of their electrical consumption in the calculations of compliance with the French 2012 Thermal Regulation (RT2012) and the Environmental Regulation (RE2020).