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Dedicated bare metal servers hosted by Qarnot

Dedicated bare metal

Servers hosted in our clusters specially developed to offer you computing power and energy performance

2x Xeon 2680v4

28 cores
12 servers per cluster
336 cores per cluster

2x Xeon Gold 6226R

32 cores
12 servers per cluster
384 cores per cluster

2x Xeon Gold 6138

40 cores
12 servers per cluster
480 cores per cluster

Hosted by Qarnot

Qarnot mode meets your computing needs while reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

Our servers are hosted directly where the heat released by processors is needed.
This new generation of data center is hosted in heat networks, swimming pools or factories.

The Qarnot expertise

High performance OCP servers and high security standards

95% of server heat is used to heat cities

A French solution for a European deployment

By choosing a solution like Qarnot, we position ourselves on an approach where we will not increase the collective footprint instead of reducing our own footprint. Indeed, the energy spent is mutualized thanks to the capture of the heat generated by the computations.