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QB Series
High Efficiency
Computing Clusters

Efficience by design
• Higher density
• Optimized energy efficiency
• Limited carbon footprint

Qarnot's QB Series is a computer module optimized for both high performance computing and energy efficiency:

• Designed with the most efficient form factor
• Each module integrates 12 to 24 processors whose intensive computing heats water
• Valorizes up to 96% of computer waste heat by producing hot water
• Modular approach allows for the addition or removal of computing power without disruption of service
• Quiet operation with no moving parts

The QB Series dramatically increases the energy efficiency of both traditional high-density data centers and edge infrastructures.

High density

• AMD Ryzen and OCP Leopard/Tioga Pass/Capri architectures
• Based on optimized cold plates, each module can deliver up to 4 kW of fully water-cooled IT
• PSU fully water-cooled, enabling 6kW/m² density


The global bill per core can be drastically reduced with a technically and energetically sustainable architecture:

• avoiding most of the data centers’ CapEx (construction, cooling infrastructure, redundancy, ...)
• and OpEx (UPS, cooling, ...)
• With a simplified cluster module approach, operation and maintenance is also highly optimized

Carbon footprint

ESG impact becomes central for every corporation and IT CapEx & OpEx take a growing role in the industry’s carbon footprint. On most items involved in sustainable goals accounting, Qarnot QB brings efficient and uncompromising solutions:

• Direct high water flow cooling towards PUE = 1.0
• Industrial design optimized Energy Reuse Factor up to 96%
• Designed to be deployed in “standard” buildings avoiding data center construction
• Open Compute (OCP) architecture allows hardware reuse and sustainable decommissioning
• Automated control of hardware power and frequency to fit energetical and thermal constraints

Fire protection and safety

• Insulated and hermetic design with limited air volume inside
• Absence of moving parts that could be the cause of a fire
• Pipe junctions located in non-sensitive volumes

QB1 QBx Intel QBx AMD
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT 35 x 105 x 95cm
From 130 to 200kg
34 x 140 x 114cm
34 x 140 x 114cm
MAXIMUM POWER LOAD From 2.5 to 4kW From 2.5 to 4 kW From 2.5 to 4 kW
SERVERS / FORMAT 24 MiniITX 12 OCP ⅓ Open Rack
PROCESSORS 24 x AMD Ryzen 3700X
(8 cores @ 3.6 Ghz)
12x dual Intel Xeon 12x AMD EPYC
MEMORY 24x 32GB DDR4 12x 128GB up to 12x 1024GB DDR4 ECC
NETWORK 24x 1GbE + Switch 12x dual 25GbE SFP28
HARD DISK 24x 120GB SSD 12x 120GB up to 4TB SSD
HEAT PRODUCTION more than 35 MWh per year
WATER FLOW Up to 500l/h
∅ 10/12 mm
Up to 1,000l/h
∅ 20/22 mm