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An intuitive computing platform
for banking and insurance simulations...

With this solution, developers can focus on business needs and rely on the platform for resilience, load balancing and scalability.

compute performed by our customers

• Risk compute (Monte Carlo simulations)
• Actuarial compute
• Investment optimization
• Fraud detection
• Regulatory obligations (especially related to FRTB)
• AI / ML (customer knowledge, sales, support...)


75% less carbon footprint on average

Reducing the carbon footprint is a major challenge for large banks

Entrusting your intensive compute to Qarnot, means:
• Accessing a low-carbon infrastructure of several tens of thousands of cores that make use of IT waste heat
• Drastically reduce the environmental impact of your activity
• Benefit from a detailed report on each energy expense item
• Know the percentage of savings achieved compared to a conventional infrastructure

A tool adapted to the users’ needs

• Easy integration into an existing architecture thanks to an SDK
• Intuitive API that allows you to launch compute tasks in a few lines of code or a few clicks
• Real-time monitoring through the user interface dashboard


A service in line with the sector’s requirements

• ISO 27001*
• HDS certification*
• Security audit conducted annually by an external organization
• Five independent security audits, on behalf of our clients, including major banks

*The scope of Qarnot Computing's Information Security Management System (ISMS) covers the activities related to the management and operations of the computing distribution platform, called Q·ware, all under the Declaration of Applicability version 3.0 of 08/03/2022