Prices vary according to:

  • the processor model used for the compute (Ryzen, Threadripper, AMD Epyc, Intel Xeon...)
  • the duration of the compute
  • the software licenses used

Pricing adapted to your needs:

  • Punctual and/or variable in volume: pay per use
  • Recurring and the volume is constant: reserved cores
  • Specific: contact us



Starts at 0,07€


Starts at 0,82€

Rates are expressed in euros per hour of CPU or GPU usage.
Data transfer and machine startup are not charged. Billing per second.


You only pay for the computing time you consume. This formula allows you to:
  • face urgent needs
  • benefit from computing power without caring about its physical management

Reserved instances


Starts at 122€ per month

Starts at 1225€ per year


Starts at 691€ per month

Starts at 5 600€ per year

Prices are expressed in euros per month or year of use, per CPU or per Bi-GPU machine.


You benefit from a dedicated infrastructure in the cloud.
The all-inclusive price of this formula allows you:
  • optimize and control your budget
  • access to 100% available computing power without having to manage the constraints of a dedicated infrastructure

Specific needs: Contact us!

Our engineers are at your disposal to help you define your needs:
  • specific developments around the platform
  • integration with an existing architecture or pipeline
  • sizing of the internal vs. external fleet

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Questions about our prices? Need an expert opinion? Please contact us!