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High tech, Low carbon

Paul Benoit and Miroslav Sviezeny founded Qarnot in 2010. Qarnot computing offers high performance and low carbon computing power

Through its software platform - Q·ware -, Qarnot provides low-carbon infrastructure dedicated to all types of high-performance computing (AI / ML, Big Data, simulation, 3D rendering ...) in all markets (finance, insurance, biotechnology, retail, industry, animation and special effects studio ...).

Qarnot's approach, a radical paradigm shift

The servers are distributed throughout the city. They are directly installed in buildings where waste heat is recovered (housing, offices, schools, logistics warehouses, etc.) Servers are distributed in the form of water-cooled or free-cooled computing clusters. Qarnot offers high-performance computing with high environmental value by avoiding the costs associated with infrastructure, maintenance, and cooling of a traditional data center
Thanks to Qarnot, cloud computing footprint is reduced by 80%. A methodology is currently being certified by the public authorities and an independent agency.
Beyond technical and environmental performance, Qarnot attaches particular importance to security. This security is guaranteed by several layers: encryption, no machine storage, fragmentation, random distribution of tasks, bare metal machines...Qarnot is ISO 27001 and HDS certified*.

Qarnot is a 100% French high-performance computing solution that combines technical performance and environmental objectives in a sovereign approach.

*The scope of Qarnot Computing's Information Security Management System (ISMS) covers the activities related to the management and operations of the computing distribution platform, called Q·ware, all under the Declaration of Applicability version 3.0 of 08/03/2022

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