Reducing the environmental impact of serial animation production

We're better off when the heat from computers is harnessed in a useful way.
Mathieu Rey
The company

TNZPV is a studio based in Arles and Annecy that employs about forty people, mainly for animated films and TV series.

Qarnot: one solution, two advantages

We work on TV series. The one we are currently working on is composed of 52 episodes of 11 minutes for example. We have to release 11 minutes of animation per week. All this has a significant impact on the environment, but we try to reduce it. We don't heat in winter, we don't dress in summer... I admit that the Qarnot solution is more attractive because it has two main advantages:

  • the first one is that we can increase our computing capacity according to our needs,
  • the second is that we do it in an eco-responsible way.

We used the Python SDK to send Guerilla rendering jobs on the Qarnot infrastructure.