Numerical simulation software for the industry : SC-Consultants on Qarnot cloud

Making the cloud computing as easy as it should be
Laurent RATTE
General Manager, SC-Consultants
The Company
Sciences Computers Consultants is a french editor of numerical simulation software dedicated to the industry, since 1989. Our 3D CFD software are mainly used for industrial processes optimization, involving strong physics and chemical modeling, with many applications : heating & cooling processes, extrusion and mixing, solidification. Our users are involved in nuclear, automotive, aeronautics, energy, plastics, pharmacy, agro food and chemicals businesses.

Using cloud computing

3D CFD computations are generally heavy cases, meaning very thin definition and long time computation. As local computation resources are expensive and hard to maintain, the cloud computation appears as a great opportunity for saving time and money.

Our users access now to a pay-per-use mode, according to their needs and computations volume.

Qarnot: a major asset

We chose Qarnot for two reasons:

Flexible access and performance

Our customers have easy access to high performance machines and scalability according to their needs.

Positive environmental impact

By choosing the Qarnot infrastructure, the heat produced by the running processors is reused. Our customers reduce the carbon footprint of their simulations by 80% compared to a standard European data centre (PUE of 1.2).

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